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Northwest Zoological Supply offers the finest quality pets, feeders and products delivered to your store in our climate-controlled vehicles or via Alaska Airlines for outlying areas. Most of our companion animals are bred in-house so we can ensure exceptional quality and health. Our supplemental suppliers are those who meet our standards for excellence in pets.

From our inception in 2000, our mission has been to provide pet stores, zoos and institutions, and wildlife rescues with the most exceptional pets, feeders and service. Nineteen years later, we still strive each day to produce the healthiest animals and distribute them to our valued customers. On behalf of the entire NW Zoo staff, we thank you for your continued patronage. Alex & Denise Orleans


We never compromise when it comes to animal health. It is our top priority. Our compassionate animal caretakers are trained on the exact needs of each animal in our facility. We have weekly visits from our veterinarian to ensure the optimal health of all our animals.

Our companion animal breeders are those who meet our standards of excellence for pets. We sell feeder insects produced by the finest farms and hatcheries in the US. Our ferrets are shipped from Marshall Farms and are backed by the Marshall’s Guarantee. Our chinchillas, guinea pigs, and hamsters are produced by only the finest USDA-licensed animal breeders and high-quality European breeders who meet our strict requirements for exceptional quality and health.