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Northwest Zoological always has the largest selection of tarantulas, over 150 species at any given time, with the most competitive prices you can find. We also have a great selection of snakes (ball pythons, boas, colubrids), amphibians, and lizards such as premium fancy bearded dragons and leopard geckos. Also, make sure to check out our amazing and popular veiled chameleons, bred in house (normal and pied available). Whether its feeder insects, small mammals, parakeets, tarantulas, reptiles, or feeder rodents (frozen or live), we offer convenient one stop shopping. Why buy your animals from 5 different vendors and pay freight 5 times? Northwest Zoological is your 1 Stop Shop and will save you money. We look forward to hearing from you!

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For all regional orders (herp/invert and mammals order combined) that will delivery via NW Zoo truck delivery, a $100 minimum purchase (exclusive of freight) is required. A copy of your reseller's permit will be required to qualify for a wholesale account.


All orders within our region are due by 12PM on Mondays to be delivered that same week. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to fill any orders received after this deadline. All inventory is updated every Friday afternoon. You can submit orders online starting Friday at 3PM and through the weekend up until Monday by 12PM. All mammal and bird orders will ship via airlines on Thursdays.


For regional truck delivered orders, please verify and confirm receipt of your order at the time of delivery. Any claims for errors, shortages, losses must be made within 24 hours of receipt. For certain local truck delivered stores, you may refuse any animal for reason of health upon delivery, but prior permission is required before our driver can accept returns of previously delivered animals.



For herp/invert only orders transported via UPS or Fed Ex out of region, a $100 minimum purchase (exclusive of freight) is required. Mammal and bird orders (combined with herp/invert orders) transported via airlines out of region require a $500 minimum purchase (exclusive of freight). A copy of your reseller's permit will be required to qualify for a wholesale account.


All out of region herp/invert only orders are due by 12PM Tuesdays. (If you are ordering mammals and/or birds also, please have your order in by Monday 12PM.) We are unable to accommodate same day shipping. Please plan in advance and place your orders early. All inventory is updated every Friday afternoon. You can submit orders online starting Friday at 3PM, through the weekend up until order cutoff. We will ship herp/invert only orders via UPS Next Day Air and Fed Ex Overnight on Tuesdays and Wednesdays ONLY.


Please submit orders through our online store. If you would like access to the store, please complete inquiry form to set up an account. We are 100% wholesale. Pet stores require a reseller certificate to qualify. If you do not have a reseller certificate, a $500 purchase minimum is required to be considered a wholesale account.


Our availability list is updated every week and can be emailed to you upon request. If you would like to receive an updated list weekly, please request on the inquiry form.


Payment is due prior to delivery. We accept all credit cards and PayPal. PayPal payments are due by 9AM day of shipping. Your order will not be released for shipment if payment is not received on time. Alternate payment methods must be approved in advance by the account manager.


All mammals and birds are truck delivered in special animal transport bins. Our policy is to deliver the animals to your store and retrieve the bins on the next scheduled delivery day. We will charge $20 per bin for each bin that is not returned to us or any bins that are damaged beyond repair.


All animals delivered to the state of Idaho require a health certificate. There is a $20 fee for health certificate paperwork.


Animal safety in transit is very important to us. Temperatures are researched carefully before each order ships and hot and cold packs are included as necessary. We have a NO SHIP policy when temperatures drop below 20 degrees (day of arrival low temp) in the winter and above 80 degrees (day of low arrival temp) in the summer. If the low temperatures in your area are between 20-32 degrees in the winter, we do require shipping to a UPS Customer Center or Fed Ex Hub. Please provide an accurate delivery address before shipping.


We guarantee not only live arrival, but also stand behind the animals* that we sell for a period of 7 days. Although rare, if an animal arrives DOA, please email pictures within 24 hours. Once verified we can issue a store credit or refund.


*The exceptions to this guarantee would be nestling (pinky or fuzzy) or unweaned (hopper) mice and rats. We do require a wet mom to be purchased with every order of pinky, small fuzzy, and large fuzzy mice or rats for customers that require shipments via the airlines. For all other orders of nestling rodents ordered without wet moms, we cannot guarantee live arrival.  In addition, we only guarantee live arrival for feeder insects and amphibians as well as ANY shipments during the winter months when temperatures drop below 32 degrees.

“Unparalleled quality animals and feeders, fast customer service, and a personable hard-working team keeping the dream alive. We are lucky to have NW Zoological!”

Nova Reptiles

“This is Robert from Aquatics. I've been doing Business with Northwest Zoological for several years now. I've never had complaint. They are very kind and courteous and their animals are in top-notch shape. If anyone is looking for any type of arachnid, frog, lizard, or any reptile, this is the place to go. Quality and quantity of the animals is superior to a lot of other wholesalers. I've been in this business for over 40 years and it's so nice to find a supplier with such top quality animals. Prices are very reasonable. Animals are always packed with so much care.”


“We've had the pleasure of doing business with you Northwest Zoological for a few years now and I am truly satisfied with everything from customer service to product. Your insects are healthy and are here on time. Prices are good. I have ordered baby parakeets 6 to 12 at a time. Very young, sweet and healthy. We have ordered guinea pigs and hamsters and have been pleased with all of it. Above the wonderful pets and feeders you sell, your customer service is outstanding.”

Patricia's Pet Shop

“Northwest Zoological has always gone above and beyond with their customer service. Anytime a question about an order or the rare time an ordering issue arose, it was immediately answered and set to right. The animals always show up well packed and healthy, even in the cold winter months. Northwest Zoological definitely knows how to do things right!”

Pet Zoo, Alaska